PRINCE2® Overview

PRINCE2 is universally accepted as a best practice project management method. It is designed to provide a structured approach to managing projects with a view to increasing the likelihood of a successful project outcome. The PRINCE2 method can be used for projects of any size or complexity, and provides guidance through clearly defined principles, themes and processes. This course complies fully with the APMG PRINCE2 syllabus, and will prepare delegates well for both the PRINCE2 Foundation and PRINCE2 Practitioner examinations.



PRINCE2 is widely recognized as a world-class project management methodology. Many customers in the UK and across the globe require that PRINCE2 methods are used in the management of their projects, as it provides a common language and a proven structure for aiding successful project delivery. From an individual perspective, many employers search out candidates that have obtained the PRINCE2 qualification, as it shows them that you have a good understanding of how to successfully manage projects using a globally accepted best practice method. So, it can prove to be an important addition and differentiator on your CV and will give you the confidence to move forwards with the management of your projects!


Why choose PMIQ? 

Exam Guarantee scheme for PRINCE2 Foundation examination
Over 350 PRINCE2 practice exam questions, including simulated Foundation & Practitioner exams
Fantastic levels of support before, during and after the course from PRINCE2 accredited trainers
All of our trainers have extensive real-world project management experience
Free PRINCE2 templates, PRINCE2 case studies and PRINCE2 podcasts to enhance your learning
Real value for money
We aim to make all of our PRINCE2 courses informative, friendly and enjoyable
We use technology to provide stuimulating, engaging PRINCE2 courses to help you learn


Course objectives & expected benefits

► You will gain a thorough understanding of the PRINCE2 method, and will be shown how to use (and tailor) the PRINCE2 method in a real project environment

► Delegates will be fully prepared for the PRINCE2 Foundation exam and the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam

► Delegates choosing a PRINCE2 classroom based course will be able to sit both PRINCE2 exams during the course

► Delegates choosing the PRINCE2 e-learning training will be able to select a date to sit the PRINCE2 exams at one of our venues


Who should attend?

Project & Programme Managers/ Directors
Corporate programme management staff
General Managers/ Senior Managers
Team Managers
Project Support and Project Assurance staff
Project team members
Discipline Managers.

What's included?

► A printed copy of the PRINCE2 2009 Manual: Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2®

► Online access to pre-course study materials

PRINCE2 pre-course study guide

PRINCE2 Foundation examination example questions and answers

PRINCE2 Practitioner examination guidance on objective question styles and examples of questions and answers

► A Case Study that will be used in the pre-course preparation and will also be used during the course to give delegates a practical perspective and real experience of using the PRINCE2 method.

► Online access to the PRINCE2 e-learning modules (if you chose this learning method)

► Online access to all PMIQ supporting materials, including PRINCE2 templates, case studies and podcasts

PRINCE2 Foundation exam, including PMIQ Exam Guarantee scheme

PRINCE2 Practitioner exam



Delegates would benefit from a general awareness and knowledge of project management, and experience of managing a project or participating in a project as a team member.  Candidates wishing to sit the PRINCE2 Practitioner examination must have previously passed the PRINCE2 Foundation examination. These papers can be taken on the same day or different days, but must be taken in order (PRINCE2 Foundation, then PRINCE2 Practitioner). Once the PRINCE2 Foundation examination has been taken and passed, there is no limit placed on the time before taking the PRINCE2 Practitioner examination.  Prior learning and achievements of individuals within the project management professional community will be recognised and will allow candidates to proceed directly to the PRINCE2 Practitioner qualification.  Recognition is given for the following qualifications:


Project Management Institute (PMI - see www.pmi.org):

  • Project Management Professional (PMP®)
  • Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®)

International Project Management Association (IPMA - see http://ipma.ch/):

  • IPMA Level A® (Certified Projects Director)
  • IPMA Level B® (Certified Senior Project Manager)
  • IPMA Level C® (Certified Project Manager)
  • IPMA Level D® (Certified Project Management Associate)

Course content

The PRINCE2 course will cover the 7 PRINCE2 principles, 7 PRINCE2 themes and 7 PRINCE2 progresses.  Delegates will also learn how to tailor PRINCE2 to suit the project environment.


PRINCE2 Principles, Themes and Processes

Based on AXELOS PRINCE2® material. Reproduced under licence from AXELOS.

PRINCE2 Foundation Examination 

The objective of the PRINCE2 Foundation examination is to enable a candidate to demonstrate an understanding of the PRINCE2 principles, processes, themes, techniques and roles. The PRINCE2 Foundation exam uses objective test questions which require a candidate to choose a response to a question from a set of choices, only one of which is correct.  The exam consists of 75 questions in total which cover all 15 areas of the PRINCE2 Foundation syllabus. 


There will be 75 questions (70 exam questions and 5 trial questions) each covering a different syllabus topic. Each of the 70 questions is worth 1 mark, but the trial questions are not scored.  The use of trial questions enables new questions to be trialled without affecting candidates’ marks. The pass mark is 35 (50%).


PRINCE2 Practitoner Examination

The objective of the PRINCE2 Practitioner examination is to enable a candidate to demonstrate an understanding of PRINCE2 and an ability to apply the method in an appropriate way in a given set of circumstances described in a scenario. The PRINCE2 Practitioner exam uses objective test questions which require a candidate to choose a response to a question from a set of choices, only one of which is correct. 


The Question Booklet will contain eight questions, each covering a different syllabus area which will be clearly identified at the beginning of each question. Each of the eight questions contains 10 question lines, each of which attracts 1 mark, giving a total of 80 marks. The pass mark is 44 (55%). 


The PRINCE2 Registered Practitioner qualification is valid for 5 years. Practitioners should be re-registered within 3-5 years of their original certification in order to demonstrate their commitment to professional development.


Accreditation & Ownership

All PMIQ PRINCE2 courses are accredited by the APMG, ensuring that our course material exceeds the expected quality standards, and giving you peace of mind that all of our trainers are knowledgeable and experienced.


PMIQ Limited are responsible for delivering PRINCE2 courses to the standards formally agreed with APMG.


The Association for Project Management Group (APMG) are the Official Accreditor of the Office of Government Commerce, and are responsible for ensuring that Approved Training Organizations (ATO's) meet the required standards on an ongoing basis.  APMG are also responsible for the provisioning of associated examinations  and examination material.


AXELOS Limited is the owner of the best practice PRINCE2 method, and licences the use of this material to ATO's via the accreditation services provided by APMG.


Delivery methods

PRINCE2 e-Learning

Our PRINCE2 e-learning courses can be completed at your own pace, where and when you wish. Extensive online and telephone support is provided so that you can be confident that you will get all the help that you need. Simulated exams prepare you for the real event.

PRINCE2 Public Training Courses

Our PRINCE2 classroom training events are intensive courses that allow your to sit the exam(s) as part of the course. There is also 10-20 hours of preparation work to complete prior to the course start, and there will be 1-2 hours of additional work to complete each evening.

PRINCE2 Corporate Training Courses Our PRINCE2 corporate courses can be tailored to meet your organisations needs.  Corporate courses can be delivered on-site or at an offsite venue.  We can also offer corporate discounts for multiple e-Learning licences.  Please call our team for more information.
PRINCE2 Examinations We host regular examination events where you can sit your PRINCE2 Foundation and PRINCE2 Practitioner exams.  If you attend a public course, your exam will form part of the course schedule.  If you complete our PRINCE2 e-learning course, you can reserve a place at one of our exam centres at a time convenient to you.



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PRINCE2 Courses

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